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This is the story. Few days ago one of my friends wanted to use a case-insensitive file system under GNU/Linux. Neither he nor I felt like Samba at that time. So he asked me to produce a FAT32 (because things were easy) by resizing his Swap. I just did a swapoff , used parted to resize the partition and created a new one, changed the ID to FAT32. Then I did a mkswap and a swapon on the Swap to activate swapping back. After that I used mkfs.vfat –F 32 to create a FAT32. I also edited fstab to set uid=xxx,gid=xxx,umask=xxx, and fat=32,owner as mount options. Issued mount –a . Everything was done. To test I created a file called “ test ” by touch . Did a ls –hal . Things were fine. Then I used vi TeST , entered some gibberish and saved it. Did another ls –hal . Oops! I got problems. The file was now named TeST . So I thought maybe I should create the file system using DOS. I grabbed my UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD v 3.3), booted from FreeDOS, did a formatting. Got back to Linux and follo

Longing to Read

For your information, I bought copies of "Fellowship of the Ring", "Two Towers" and "Return of the King" paperback new reset edition from Harper-Collins at the Colombo International Book Fair(CIBF) last week. Since then I tried to read them. I am glad to announce that I finally managed to reach page 40 day before yesterday. Wondering I'm a real spoiler? Not really. I think I can start properly reading tonight. Last few days were eventful. Few days for ripping packages of a Debian box and fiddling with Netfilter/IPTables (Yeah, I'm thankful about apt-get and debfoster) and a nice weekend with Nadee. Then again IPTables. Did I mention that I was at all the time as usual? Well 'there and back again', I'm quite back to normal (even after the bad cold I had).

A Beginning

At last I've decided to start blogging, too. Await postings from me. I'm also going to use this blog as my on-line diary. I shall blog my vision and expressions as well as technological & technical stuff. Once in a while you'll be able to read a poem, too. At this time one can expect to hear about a variety of topics from this blog. Please see my profile to find out what are my interests. For sure expect to see about FOSS and Computers.