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Open Source Revolution: Episode N - Attack of the Phones

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away called the Milky Way, there were phones! Some of the creatures there, were smitten by the iPhone or Nokia N Series or so called smart phones which are jam packed with features. And yet for some of us the whole requirement would be a Nokia 1100 or a Motorola F3 (or whatever brick which can make phone calls). Whatever the cause maybe, you should be well aware that the arena of mobile phones is expanding it's horizons like a frenzy. And being a FOSS geek, I can't help feeling optimistic about the current state of the art. This far the mobile phone has been a gadget we buy from a vendor, use it as it is, not allowed to meddle with, preloaded with proprietary software (which usually is ugly literally and metaphorically) and so on. In regions like US, EU and so most of the phones come bound to an operator (so called locked phoned). Fortunately in Sri Lanka it has not been that ugly where we buy unlocked phones then put a SIM from any GSM oper

I'll be Back on This Blog, Very Soon

I know it's been a while since my last post, but I'm still around despite the rumour that I might have been in Fort Railway Station bomb blast. That's a joke, a very bad and a tasteless one, I know. Shouldn't joke about security (literally). So let me apologize from everyone and convey my condolence to the close ones of all who lost their lives and were affected by recent terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka. Then let me give this brief note. I've been too busy past couple of weeks (actually months) with a lot of things including my new employment. So I wish to let you know that I'll be back very soon, and I already have a couple of things as drafts. So stay tuned. Good news is that I have loads and loads to say about things (Tech/Non-Tech), especially web servers (Apache, Nginx , Mongrel , Thin , etc.), Ruby, Rails, web hosting (sliced/VPS), rails deployment ( Capistrano , etc.), GNU/Linux, Open Source (as usual), Open Source mobile phones ( OpenMoko , Android ), ra