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Git it done, Rubyists

The small article I did for the Ruby Advent 2008 went up on 9th December. It was aptly named Git it done, Rubyists . I went through the basic steps to create a Git repository and how to play with it using your beloved programming language; Ruby. Two libraries ( Grit and Ruby/Git ) were given a brief introduction and that's almost it. The article was aimed to be an introductory and a short one. I hope someone will find it useful. Ruby Advent 2008 is an advent calendar with the Ruby flavour. Lakshan , a fellow Sri Lankan Rubyist organized this years Ruby Advent following the tradition from 2006 . I can't judge my own article, but I can assure that the rest of the articles are excellent. Ruby Advent 2008 was featured in RubyInside , RailsEnvy podcast , and many other sites including RubyFlow and RubyFu. IMHO, this years calendar was a success. A bunch of awesome Ruby community members contributed contents convering many interesting topics. Mast read for anyone interested in Rub