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One Last Thing...

This is the last post on my very first blog. Thank you for reading! My new blog is at: And, if you do not wish to read any further, the gist is: This blog ends here. My twitter profile ( @gaveen ) will have a link to wherever my current blog is.  If you are somehow a returning visitor, I wish to thank you. No, really! You deserve serious kudos because I have even removed the custom domain where this blog used to live for years. In addition, the last post before this one was a single post in 2013 (i.e., over 4 years ago). In the year before, there was again only a single post. So, whatever the reasons for your return are, I thank you. To everyone else, I thank you the same. When I started this blog almost 12 years ago, I was a completely different person. I had different reasons to write, different drives to keep writing. I knew different things and I wrote, differently. As I have changed, so have those. Therefore, I am moving on. I was ready to take this blog offli