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Saturday Night Movie Fest

On a Saturday night (I guess it was this 8th) Thilanka, Yajith and I had a movie fest at Yajith's place. It was after sometime all three of us got together. So we had a good time of watching a few movies (not very new ones), do some testings as usual and talking quite a lot. About the talk, we talked about .... well, quite a lot as I said. We taled what a genius was J.R.R. Tolkien and how nice was Harry Potter series. We talked about Nessus 3 controversy, use of Sleuthkit and Autopsy , Gentoo installation, APT-GET system, etc. More than anything Thila got to knock off Yajith's idea about MPlayer . At last, to our joy Yajith accepted that MPlayer is a really good multimedia player. Anyway Thila had to do a handful of tricks with MPlayer in command line. Not to mention Yajith loves to work in command line. He likes the command line so much, that he opens a console to send click signals to GUI buttons (just joking :-) Oh, about the movies. Right. First we got to see “Sinbad: