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Is has been a long time since I've blogged, specially for a person who loves what he's doing. And how do I title that new post? "Happy".

This isn't going to be a "looking-back" post reminiscing the hardship and success. I am not yet privileged enough for that type of post. It's just, while I've always been a cheerful guy, that is how I feel right now. Peace & happy (and I'm not high, before anyone suggests).

The love of my life and I've been in our long and detailed love story with twists, turns and fun. But I'll spare you the details and just tell. Nadee and I are now happily married. We finally tied the knot this May, and it's been awesome! We've already been told by many that everything doesn't smell like roses always. Well, thank you. We'll figure things out on the way.

Among other things, for more than a year I've had a pleasant work environment, good employee benefits and a team that's loads of fun to work with. That's a perk of working for a company who gets that running an IT company is different from other businesses. I would be ungrateful if I didn't say that thinkCube has treated me well.

Another big thing that happened during the last two years was me re-discovering my flare to keep going and getting a no-nonsense getting-stuff-done attitude about life. Starting from my late-teen years I've always been a guy who could take a beating. But I was also of the laid-back and go with the flow nature, even while I was in the school of hard knocks. But since it gave me a graduation certificate and kicked me out, I've been a guy with a different attitude. You'll have to take my word for it now, but I intend to use it in action.

When I started this blog I was at the beginning of my career, silly enough to write that I was falling over-and-over in love with the same girl. I was raw enough to talk trash and be emotional about technology. It's all there in the blog archive. And I'm going to let them be for that's who I was, and that's how I grew up to be me.

The wonderful thing about marriage is, it puts things into perspective. And the great thing about happiness is, you are at peace to think about what you want to be doing. I have the luxury of both. As I keep typing this away in bed, a single look at my wife who's in a peaceful nap, is all the assurance I need. I do not know what future holds, but I know what I will take. :)


  1. this post made me happy! :-) all the best to both of you!


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